Discover Chefs.

Austin’s exclusive community of Private Chefs passionate about serving those with food sensitivities.

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DiscoverEats is a carefully curated community of exceptional Chefs offering Austinites a truly unique dining experience. Whether you’re hosting a party, feeding your family or simply looking to shake things up, we have an offering to suit.

Private Chef Experience

Elevate your dining experience by hiring one of our incredibly talented chefs for a night of in-home dining bliss.

Unique to your event.

Chef Curated Meal Plans

Weekly meal plans customized by your favorite chef developed to fit you and your family’s needs.

Subscription service.

Chef Meals to your Door

Take a break from a sink full of dishes and enjoy a Chef prepared 4-course menu from the comfort of your home.

Once-off calendar events.

See Our Chefs in Action!

Our Founder's Story

Grace went from being a passionate foodie to receiving a Celiac diagnoses. Those with Celiac suffer immune reactions to eating gluten and the ingestion of it can cause severe damage to the gut. This meant Grace had to rediscover her love for food, fortunately through the incredible DiscoverEats Chef community, Grace has found the joy of food again. Watch on to learn more about what inspired our journey.

What our customers think…

“A dinner party you actually get to enjoy too! There’s something really fun about having a professional chef cooking right in your own kitchen!”

– Anthony

“It was really nice to be able to get all our friends together and not have to worry about babysitters and bedtimes. We will definitely be doing this again!”

– George

“The whole experience was fabulous. Delicious food and the chef was very accommodating with respect to the whole group’s dietary needs.”

– Lindsay

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